Should the Measured Entity dispute the results on the Verification Report and Certificate they have 7 working days to appeal to the results.
The appeal has to be addressed to the Verification Manager of Renaissance SA Ratings in writing.
The Verification Manager shall forward the appeal to the Director of Finance who will either handle the appeal himself or mandate the external expert to handle the appeal.
The Verification Manager shall complete the appeals and complaints register (MAN012 F01) and assign an independent analyst to handle the appeal. The person assigned to handle the appeal shall send an acknowledgement of receipt to the Measured Entity.
The Assigned person shall proceed to investigate the appeal.
If the appeal was not lodged within the prescribed 7 working days of receiving the Report, Scorecard and certificate the Assigned person shall send a findings report to the Measured Entity indicating that the appeal was not successful because the timeframes were not met.
The Assigned Person then has to investigate the merits and background of the appeal. Should the appeal be based on the grounds of new information submitted by the Measured Entity, the Assigned person will indicate in the findings report that there are no grounds for appeal as this was new information.
The Assigned person has to resolve the appeal within 30 days of it being assigned to that person.
Should the Assigned person, after investigating the appeal find that there was calculation errors or that the incorrect score was given, the Assigned person will send a corrected verification Report, scorecard and certificate to the Measured Entity. The Assigned person shall note actions taken in the diary of the file and the person who assigned them to the appeal shall sign off on the effectiveness of the actions and make notes.
The Process for appeals shall be stipulated in the Quote & Terms and Conditions (CORE001 F03) which will be signed by the Measured Entity before the BEE process commences.
Any information sent to or received from the Measured Entity related to the appeal shall be filed in the Measured Entity file and any communication or decisions taken with regards to the appeal shall be noted in the diary section of the Measured Entity file.
Should the Measured Entity not be satisfied with the behavior/conduct of any personnel involved in the verification process, they have the right to lodge a complaint or should a 3rd party not be satisfied with any aspect of the verification agencies process and methodology.
The complaint must be lodged within 10 days of the incident which was the result of the complaint.
The Verification manager shall assign an independent person who was not involved in the incident from which the complaint originated.
The person assigned to the complaint shall send the Measured Entity an acknowledgement of the complaint
The Assigned person has to resolve the complaint within 10 days of it being assigned to that person by means of a findings report.
The complaint has to be investigated and the seriousness of the behavior/conduct which was the result of the complaint or the substance of the 3rd party complaint has to be considered. Should it be found by the investigator that there was negligence involved or there was substance to the complaint, disciplinary action or corrective action has to be considered.