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Please select only 1 (one) of the sectors listed below numbered 1 - 20. In the event that 17, 18, 19 or 20 was selected, please further select 1 (one) applicable sub-sector. The selection should be based on the business activity from which the majority of turnover/revenue is derived from.

1. Manufacturer 2. Forestry
3. Retail 4. Wholesaler
5. Distributor 6. Information, Technology and Communication
7. Mining 8. Agriculture
9. Services 10. Personal Services
11. Exporter or Importer 12. Media, Advertising and Communication
13. Tourism 14. Defence
15. Chartered Accountants 16. Trade
17. Financial Services 18. Transport
17.1. Banking 18.1. Road Freight
17.2. Long-term Insurance 18.2. Forwarding and Clearing
17.3. Short-term Insurance 18.3. Taxi Industry
17.4. Fund Managers 18.4. Bus Commuter and Coach Services
17.5. Broker 18.5. Public Sector Transport
17.6. Long-term Insurance 18.6. Maritime
17.7. Asset Management 18.7. Rail
17.8. Other Please Specify 18.8. Domestic Aviation
19. Property 20. Construction (See guidance note)
19.1. Property Development 20.1. BEP
19.2. Property Ownership 20.2. Contractor
19.3. Property Services
19.4. Estate Agents
19.5. Property Valuation
19.6. Other (please specify)
Black Ownership (Percentage if applicable)
Black Female Ownership (Percentage if applicable)
Total employees

Please note the YES Initiative is subject to verification and requirements as per Gazette 41866


I, herewith agree that there is no debt-creating agreement between ourselves, the Measured Entity, and Renaissance SA Rating (Pty) Ltd, where such an agreement factually encumbers or is perceived to encumber the Agency in the execution of its professional discretion and objectivity towards the BEE Verification of the Entity.

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